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Architectural Digest: One of Europe’s Most Opulent Buildings Transforms Into A Luxury Hotel

New York Times: Galerie St. Etienne Going Nonprofit Route

New York Times: Staring Into the Soul of the Catskills Through a Pinhole

1stdibs Introspective Magazine: Dorothy Hood’s Boundless Abstractions Are Back With a Fierceness

Brooklyn Rail: Harmony Hammond at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

CNN Style: Doug Aitken’s Mirrored Balloon

Architectural Digest: A 19th-Century Florentine Landmark is Restored to Its Former Glory


The New York Times:

Staring Into the Soul of the Catskills Through a Pinhole

A Photography Time Capsule Revealed

Can an Artist Shift the Gun Debate? (Shaun Leonardo)

What’s for Lunch? Soup with a Side of Art (Eduardo Navarro)

How an Artist Learned About Freedom From “The Negro Motorist Green Book (Derrick Adams)

And the Blue Ribbon Goes To…Anissa Mack

CNN Style:

Doug Aitken’s Mirrored Balloon

The Untold Story Behind the Other Confederate Flag 

The Government Photographer Who Gave a Face to American Poverty

Masters of Monochrome

Architectural Digest:

A 19th-Century Florentine Landmark is Restored to Its Former Glory

Tour the New $200 Million Expansion of One of America’s Most Important—and Unknown—Museums

Inside Frank Lloyd Wright’s Major MoMA Exhibition

Did You Know Matisse Had a Passion for Decorative Art?

See Inside Ronald and Nancy Reagan’s Bel Air Home

5 Must-See Spring Art Exhibitions in San Francisco

5 L.A. Art Exhibitions to See This Spring

8 Must-See Spring Art Exhibitions in New York

See New York–Based Artist Sarah Crowner’s Graphic Paintings

Michele Oka Doner Discusses Her Latest Projects in Miami Beach

Spray Paintings by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Paul Klee, and Others at Gagosian London

Three Artists Riff on Albert C. Barnes’s Unique Way of Displaying Art

Sculptor De Wain Valentine’s Cast-Polyester Resin Is Subject of New York Retrospective

A Captivating Survey of Works by Iranian Artist Shirin Neshat Will Open at the Hirshhorn Museum

Russel Wright’s Designs Come Alive in a New Artist Residency Program

Marilyn Minter’s Seductive Paintings and Photographs Collected in First Major Retrospective

Peter Halley’s abstract works are on view in a new exhibition in Connecticut

Next Big Show to See: On Kawara at the Guggenheim

1stdibs Introspective Magazine:

These Nine Galleries Have Helped Turn Texas into a Thriving Art Hub

Andy Warhol at the Whitney Museum

This Is How To Look At Art (interview with Michael Findlay)

Picturing Love: Photos That Reveal The Silent Power of a Hug or a Kiss

Why Was William Copley So Obsessed With Naked Women?

Rene Gonzalez Designs Smart Buildings for an Uncertain Future

What Makes a Portrait a Portrait?

Profile: Architect Mark Zeff

Unpacking the Mash Up at the Vancouver Art Gallery


How Thomas Cole’s Epic Landscapes Defined a Vision of America

Elaine de Kooning’s Portraits of Men

Everyone has an Opinion about Julian Schnabel: But Do we Really Know his Work?

Sylvia Sleigh: The Feminist Artist Who Turned Her Gaze on the Male Nude

The Emotionally Charged Paintings Lee Krasner Created After Pollock’s Death

How Gordon Matta-Clark Turned the Ruins of New York City into Art

How Walker Evans Changed the Way We See America

What’s Behind Modigliani’s Trademark Portrait Style?

The Women of Dada

Why Is the Art World Divided Over Gauguin’s Legacy?

Rome Unveils First Ever Permanent Contemporary Artwork

The Temple of Dendur Hits a Milestone at the Met

How Georgia O’Keeffe Styled Her Iconic Self-Image

Bauhaus Masters Josef and Anni Albers Obsessively Collected Latin American Art

You Can Now Tour the Barnes Collection With a Shamanic Guide In Your Ear

Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova Gave Some Post-Election Real Talk in Miami

The Artist Using Ceramics to Make a Profound Statement About Cancer Research 

9 Artists Who Turned Suitcases into Works of Art

11 Female Minimalists You Should Know 

Bruce Conner “It’s All True” at MoMA 

The Met Breuer Opens with “Unfinished”

Frank Stella at the Whitney

Why Has This Painting Inspired So Many Contemporary Artists?

In Black Artists’ Pursuit of Equality, These 17 Art World Leaders Are Changing the Game


Stephen Shore Captures America In a New Light

The Wall Street Journal:

From Fungus to Lighting Fixtures

The Origins of a One-of-a-Kind Glass Vessel (Thaddeus Wolfe)

Supernatural Ceramicists

A Cocktail Table by Way of Ancient China (Robert Kuo)

How One Designer Made a $39,000 Chandelier Inspired by Galileo (Alison Berger)

A Luxe Log Table…At Last (Deirdre Jordan and Bob Robinson)

That Lamp You Had in College? It’s Now a Luxury Item (Philippe Anthonioz)

Midcentury-Modern Furniture for Kids 


From Rembrandt to Rauschenberg: Tracing Drawing’s Rich History

Living With Art: Designer Kirill Istomin

Living With Art: Designer Alan Wanzenberg

Living With Art: Designer Fawn Galli


Jonas Wood’s LA MOCA Mural

Free Arts NYC

Town & Country:

Patron Saint: Examining the Art Legacy of Virginia Dwan


Q & A With Collector Chara Schreyer

The Quiet Eccentric: Kelly Behun


Alberto Burri at the Guggenheim

Gambling on Public Art in Atlantic City

Garden Design:

Manitoga: Force of Nature

New York Times Magazine:

A Short History of the Hot Seat

A Short History of the Fainting Couch




Book Credits:

Marvin E. Newman: Taschen, 2017 (Contributor)

Warhol: Polaroids: Taschen, 2015 (Contributor)